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Making Business Finance Simple : Our Apps

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Giving you a powerful financial modelling tool on your iPhone and iPad

Profsim Apps bring our financial modelling expertise to the convenience of your iPhone and iPad.

They enable you to create a financial model of your own business, or any which you chose to design, in a specific sector.

This means that you can replicate the staffing structure, the operational and infrastructure costs of the business and experiment with the income drivers to fully comprehend the components of its profitability.

You can create 'what-if' scenarios to examine the effects that possible futures would have on your business. You can explore different funding options, or change its pattern of ownership.

Create a financial model of your business which colleagues can replicate, and use this to build consensual understanding of how your business can maximise its profitability. Build a team commitment to a successful future.

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Profsim Law is available to view and download on the App Store.

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All of our Apps include comprehensive built in 'help' files and tutorials which enable you to quickly get 'up and running'.



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