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Making Business Finance Simple : Simulations

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" People learn best by doing.

Using dynamic financial models provides the best means of learning business finance "

Many people consider themselves to be financially illiterate. Yet the language and practice of finance is not hard to learn.

Financial models create the opportunity for you to experiment with business finance, profitability, cash flows and funding. You can manipulate all the variables which impact on profitability. You can use 'what-if' models to test different real world scenarios.

Profsim models are designed to accurately reflect businesses within specific sectors. This enables users to create a financial model of their own business and learn the components of its profitability and its sensitivity to changes in the operating environment.

The Profsim repertoire of models is large, and ranges from cash flow and business planning models for start-ups, through to sector specific models for individual businesses.

Our financial simulations can be used as part of an extended management training, conference, or assessment centre process. Supporting materials enable these to be run on a game basis.

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