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Making Business Finance Simple : Training

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" Innovative and involving training which gets close to the real business "

Profsim provides bespoke financial training programmes for clients. These are usually designed to help people understand the finances of the business and its sensitivity to change. Courses are based closely on the real financial position of the business, and Profsim consultants will often work closely with the finance department of the client to ensure that an accurate financial representation of the business is created.

Courses are designed to be highly participative. Sessions comprise tutor led discussions, together with group activities which are usually case study based and use the financial models which Profsim consultants craft for the purpose.

Programmes are also run which are designed to replicate financial processes at a specific client, such as project costing and pricing.

Longer course programmes have also been launched, which have at their heart a complex financial simulation of the running of the real business over a period of time. Groups are immersed into the reality of being the top team in difficult times, dealing with typical crises and opportunities which arise. In some cases, these simulations have gone to an extraordinary level of accuracy, even replicating the appearance of management reports and other financial processes in the real business.

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